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Photos for East vs. Centerville

Photos have been published in the SmugMug gallery for the East vs. Centerville football game. Enjoy!

East vs. Centerville SmugMug Gallery – Friday, August 27th 2010

East vs. Centerville (SmugMug Gallery)

End of Marching Band Camp

Remember that Friday evening beginning at 7:00 p.m., our Lakota East Marching Thunderhawks will show off the results of their hard work at band camp.  Please plan to attend.  It is not to be missed!!

When making your travel plans to Wright State on Friday, add an extra 20 minutes or so to the drive time due to the construction on I-75 North.

If you arrive around 4:30 or 5:00, you will have time to move your student’s things from the dorm to your car. Otherwise, you can just move it after the 7:00 performance. Students are free to leave once the show is over and they have gathered ALL of their belongings.

The students, chaperones, and directors will be having their pizza supper on Friday as soon as they are checked out of their dorm rooms.  If you arrive early, there are many restaurants close to campus. Your student may not leave campus until after the performance.

Weather permitting, the performance will be on the field behind the picnic shelter, where you brought your student for check-in.  If it rains and the field is too muddy, we will do our best to communicate any change of venue.  We appreciate your understanding if such a change occurs.

When you arrive at the shelter, be sure to find your students photo buttons.  We do our best to separate them by section I.e. Guard, Sousas, Clarinets, etc.  Be sure to wear them to all of the marching events.

Bring lawn chairs.  There is lots of lawn space and shade under the trees.  Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!!

You have a terrific bunch of kids.  It’s been a pleasure being a part of this great start to what is sure to be an awesome season for our Marching Thunderhawks.

Suzanne and Barb

2011 Entertainment Book

Entertainment books are here

On August 5th and 6th, we distributed the new 2010-11 Entertainment Books at the end of Marching Band pre-camp. As always, we are asking each student to sell at least one book for the amazing low price of $25. Proceeds from the first book will benefit the Upbeat Club. Sales of additional books will benefit the individual student’s account. These books are only being released to the public on August 4th so we will be one of the very first groups to sell them. Take advantage of being the early bird! Our sale will only run from August 5th to August 28th, so be sure to get the word out to family and friends.

If your student is not in the Marching Band but would still like to sell books, please feel free to contact Jennifer Moak at 759-0280 or

These books are an amazing deal. From the entertainment website they list the following for the Cincinnati edition.

  • Over $14,300 worth of local coupons

  • 579 Restaurant Coupons

  • 247 Attraction Discounts

  • 267 Shopping Coupons

  • Over $15,000 in Travel Deals

  • Movie Ticket Discounts

  • Retail Price: $35.00