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Jazz Band Announcements

January 24th Announcements from Mr. Hartman

Thank you to all students, parents, and other audience members who were a part of our 2011 Jazz Swing Dance!  The dance was a huge success and we have already received a great deal of positive feedback.  A special thank you to Mrs. Laurie McKenna and the parents of our Swing Dance committee for their outstanding work!

For more information about the upcoming special events below, please visit the jazz page of our website

  • January 28, OMEA State Conference Clinic presentation featuring music performed by the Eastside Jazz Ensemble.  Mr. Hartman, clinician.
    • Mr. Hartman and the Eastside Jazz Ensemble will be presenting a clinic as an OMEA State Professional Conference event on Friday, January 28, 2011 at 8:30am in the Millennium Hotel Bronze Ballroom.  The clinic will feature two full-length pieces and a number of demonstration exercises as played by the Eastside Jazz Ensemble.  Mr. Hartman will present an overview of methods used in Lakota to build the fundamentals of a young high school jazz ensemble.  The clinic is open to Lakota jazz supporters, with no cost for admission.
  • January 29, OMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble performance featuring several students from Lakota East High School
    • Good luck to our students who are preparing for a performance with the All-State Jazz Ensemble!  Marie Knueven, Megan Manley, Michael Dudley, Alex Hanavan, Zach Schork, and Travis Martin will be performing with this prestigious group of Ohio High School jazz all-stars!  The performance will be in the Millennium Hotel Bronze Ballroom, Cincinnati on Saturday, January 29th at 11:30am.  The concert should last approximately one hour and is open to the public.  Admission is free.

Upcoming LEHS Jazz Performances

Saturday, February 26, 2011:  Lebanon Jazz Festival at Lebanon Junior High School – East 7 O’clock Jazz Band, East Freshman 2 O’clock Jazz Band, and East Freshman 12 O’clock Jazz Band.  A performance schedule will be distributed by Lebanon Jazz Festival coordinators approximately one week before the festival.

Saturday, March 5, 2011:  Beavercreek Jazz Festival at Beavercreek High School – Eastside Jazz Ensemble and East 8 O’clock Jazz Ensemble.  A performance schedule will be distributed by Beavercreek Jazz Festival coordinators approximately one week before the festival.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for all you do to support your student in jazz band!

We look forward to seeing you at our performances!

Eastside Clinic Schedule Change

The school day schedule at LEHS has recently been changed to a pep rally schedule.  Technically, as per the permission slip, your student should be back in school by 6th period.  However, 6th period will now be 11:10-12:55, much earlier than normal.  LEHS will also be eating lunch about of sixth bell (normally we eat out of fifth).  In any case, if students are not able to make it back to school in time for their lunch period, they will need to make a quick food stop before returning to school.  Please use your best judgment.  Students need to eat lunch, we have a responsibility to get students back to school as soon as reasonably possible, and we will need to ask for some flexibility from sixth period teachers considering the recent schedule change.

All students and their equipment must be dropped off to ensure student safety and timeliness.  Parents should then drive on to park in a garage of their choice before walking to the Millennium Bronze Ballroom for the clinic.  This is a link to a map of parking garages.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for all you are doing to make this opportunity possible for the band.  It will be great to hear your students play at the OMEA Professional Conference!

Mr. Hartman

2010-2011 Lakota East Freshman Honor Band Members

Sam Beiting g-Alto Sax
Meeta Bhardwaj d- Bb Clarinet
Mary Casto d- Bb Clarinet
Rebecca Christner n-Tuba
Josh Clyde j-Trumpet
Elizabeth Conrad p-Percussion
Kevin Everson p-Percussion
Katie Fuhr d- Bb Clarinet
Scott Harris p-Percussion
Andrew Haug k-Horn
Nikolas Henderson l- Trombone
Kerry Iles d- Bb Clarinet
Dylan James p-Percussion
Aaron Jolliffe l- Trombone
Cora Libscomb d- Bb Clarinet
Adam Loeb j-Trumpet
Adam McConaha l- Trombone
Aiden Morgan a-Flute
Alexis Park d- Bb Clarinet
Jay Rugg g-Alto Sax
Ronnie Webber j-Trumpet
Ryan Wiedwald p-Percussion

2010-2011 District XIII Honor Band Members

2010-2011 District XIII Honor Band Members

Hach Sam a-Flute
Shrake Laura a-Flute
Kavalauskas Erica a-Flute
Stith Ali a-Flute
Smiddy Erin b-Oboe
Miley Ashley b-Oboe
Gibbons Meghan b-Oboe
Kavalauskas Krista c-Bassoon
Gaitan James c-Bassoon
Lilly Denver c-Bassoon
Burrets Brad c-Bassoon
Griffin Chris d-Bb Clarinet
Yost Jaime d-Bb Clarinet
Moak Laura d-Bb Clarinet
West Ian d-Bb Clarinet
Eldridge Tori d-Bb Clarinet
Kieny Sarah f-Bass Clarinet
Anderson Ryan g-Alto Saxophone
Hollon Nick h-Tenor Sax
Williams Zach i-Bari Sax
Lower Melissa j-Trumpet
Fuhr Alex j-Trumpet
Manley Megan j-Trumpet
Todahl Aaron j-Trumpet
Cleaves Kevin j-Trumpet
Casey Devin j-Trumpet
Enrico Tai j-Trumpet
Peng Raymond j-Trumpet
Nichols Christian k-Horn
Dudley Michael k-Horn
Fulmer Savannah k-Horn
Niederman Jacob l-Trombone
Burrets Blake l-Trombone
Nichols Matt l-Trombone
Martin Travis l-Trombone
Omaits Josh l-Trombone
Butikofer Austin l-Trombone
Gooch Katie l-Trombone
Stegeman Jacob l-Trombone
Vanden Eynden Kyle l-Trombone
Dawson Christian m-Euphonium
Roose Colin m-Euphonium
Feltner Adam m-Euphonium
Bright Jeremy n-Tuba
Whaley Chad p-Percussion
Todahl Brendan p-Percussion
Hach Nick p-Percussion
Harris Rachel p-Percussion