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Itinerary – Harrison Sounds of the Stadium Contest

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Map to Harrison Show (pdf)

Harrison Full Schedule of Bands (pdf)

1:30 PM Band Room Opens (70 minutes)
2:40 PM Be At School (20 minutes)
3:00 PM Rehearsal (70 minutes)
4:10 PM Load Buses (30 minutes)
4:40 PM Leave LEHS (45 minutes)
5:25 PM Arrive at Harrison – time to eat (45 minutes)
6:10 PM Get dressed (20 minutes)
6:30 PM Go to Warm-Up “Area B” (10 minutes)
6:40 PM Warm Up (30 minutes)
7:10 PM Depart Warm-Up (10 minutes)
7:20 PM At the Gate (10 minutes)
7:30 PM PERFORM (15 minutes)
8:00 PM Awards (30 minutes)
9:00 PM Leave Harrison (45 minutes)
9:45 PM Home
  • Black shoes, black socks, hats. Black gloves, polished instruments and uniforms.
  • No jewelry. Leave it at home.
  • You are responsible for all of your stuff!
  • Everyone loads his or her own instrument.
  • Review the travel rules part of your handbook.
  • Bring $ for food.
  • You are representing our school and community.  Act accordingly.   Be a great audience for all bands (do not talk in the stands while a band is performing).
  • No personal stereos.
  • Watch other bands if time permits.
  • Have fun and do a great job that will make us all proud.
  • “Continue The Tradition!”
  • Make this performance GREAT!
  • Goals for this contest: Superior Rating & 265+ point total


2012 Marching Band Bus List


2012 MB Bus List (pdf)

Announcing: Jazz Opportunities Outside of the School Day!

Jazz opportunities outside of the school day include CYJO, Eastside Jazz Combos, and more.  Parents and students should click to learn more about Outside of the School Day Jazz Opportunities !

Uniform Information for Saturday!!!

1. Remember to pack everything you need for a performance in your equipment bag:

  •  Hat box containing your hat, gauntlets and gloves.  Hats must always be brought IN the hat box!
  •  MB shoes and all black crew or knee length socks – no low-cut socks!
  • White shirt (the collar must also be white) with sleeves to wear under your jacket – show shirt is fine.

 2. Wear lightweight gym shorts to have on under your MB pants – your MB shorts are fine.  No jeans/cargo shorts – too bulky!

 3. Bring everything you need to put your hair up into your hat.  Remember NO hair should hang below the uniform collar.  Guys – get a trim if needed.

 4. ALL gentlemen need to be clean-shaven.

 5. No jewelry or visible piercings while in uniform.  Leave it at home so you don’t lose it!  Watches and bracelets may not be visible, but can make it harder to wear the gauntlets so best not to wear them.

 6. If you’ve forgotten anything on game or contest days or have any problems with your uniform, please come see a uniform mom so we can fix it or get you what you need.  We don’t bring extras of everything to away events so try to see us before we leave East if possible.


Please review the “Wearing the Uniform” section in the MB handbook – page 8!


Thank you!