Tennis Shoes, Jeans, and Black Band Shirt.  If you do not have a black band shirt, wear a plain, black shirt.  You are welcome to bring a jacket for the game, but during the half-time performance, you need to wear black on top.



2:45 – Ride Activity Bus to Main Campus.  Section Leaders will meet you at the Main Campus and lead you to the Choir Room.  Put instruments together, and leave cases in the Choir Room.  (If you play percussion or sousaphone, your section leader will take you to the truck to get your instrument.  Leave the sousaphone cases on the truck.  Then you will go to the Choir Room.)  Wait here for instructions from Mrs. Voytek


3:15 – 5:15 – Rehearsal with Marching Band in Stadium.


5:15 – 6:00 – Dinner.  Pizza and drinks will be served outside of the band room.


6:15 – Warm-Up in the Theater.  When you go here, take everything you need for the performance and football game.  If you bring a jacket, take it here.  Instrument cases will stay in the Choir Room.  After the warm-up, we will line up on Main Street and parade to the stadium.


7:15 – Find our seats behind the end zone.  Watch Marching Band perform Pre-Game.


7:30 – Game begins.  We stay in the Marching Band bleachers.


Half-Time – Our performance!!!!


3rd Quarter – Free quarter.  You are to stay with at least 2 other band members at all times.  We play “Hey, Baby” at the end of 3rd Quarter.  You need to be in your spot in the bleachers, ready to play, before the clock hits 0:00.


9:15′ish – When the game ends, we will watch a special performance of the Marching Band Competition Show, in your honor.  Following this performance, we will return to the Choir Room.  Unless you are buying the flip folder/lyre to keep, you will return these to the boxes in the Choir Room at this time.  Put your instrument away, and take it with you.  (Percussion and sousaphones – Put your instruments back on the truck, then return your flip folder to the choir room.)  Do not leave anything at the Main Campus.


Additional Information

Put music in your flip folder in the following order:  “What Makes You Beautiful”, “Firework”, “Party Rock Anthem”, “Fight Song”, “Hang On Sloopy”, “Hey, Baby”, “Eat ‘Em Up”.


All Freshmen who are in Marching Band will be part of the Marching Band during Freshman Night.  This includes being on the field at 3:15 for practice (not the choir room), wearing the Marching Band uniform, performing Pre-Game, etc.