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Practice Record News – December 18

Practice Record News Dec 18 (pdf)

Gift of Music Concert, Tuesday, December 18 at 7:00pm

Join us on Tuesday, December 18 at 7:00pm for the Gift of Music concert featuring Symphonic Band and Symphonic Winds.  In this season of giving, we’d like to incorporate some holiday spirit by asking our audience to donate items for Reach Out Lakota at the concert.  Since it is cold and flu season, their most urgent needs include cleaning supplies, socks, tissues and personal care items.  Canned goods and non-perishable food items are also appreciated.  Come and enjoy our outstanding bands and help your community at the same time.

2012 Gift of Music Band Program (PDF)

Lakota Jazz News December 6, 2012

Please click for the latest Lakota Jazz News Dec 6 2012 !

81 Lakota East Students in the OMEA District 13 Honor Bands!!


Amberger,  Colton Alto Sax Freshman Band
Angst,  Gabrielle Bass Clarinet Alternate
Bange,  Danny Percussion Freshman Band
Beiting,  Sam Alto Sax Symphonic Winds & Jazz
Beiting,  Noah Percussion Freshman Band
Boes,  Tyler Tuba Freshman Band
Bogan,  Mikayla Flute Freshman Band
Bowling,  Chris Euphonium Wind Symphony
Burrets,  Brad Bassoon Symphonic Winds
Carter,  Nic Percussion Freshman Band
Casseday,  Chloe Clarinet Freshman Band
Casto,  Mary Clarinet Wind Symphony
Casto,  Anna Horn Symphonic Winds
Christner,  Rebecca Tuba Symphonic Winds
Clasgens,  Abbie Clarinet Symphonic Winds
Cleaves,  Patrick Percussion Alternate
Clyde,  Josh Trumpet Wind Symphony
Conrad,  Elizabeth Percussion Symphonic Winds
Corfman,  Philipp Horn Freshman Band
Dendler,  Megan Flute Freshman Band
Dendler,  Michael Trumpet Freshman Band
Elia,  Zachary Trombone Freshman Band
Everson,  Kevin Percussion Wind Symphony
Feltner,  Adam Euphonium Symphonic Winds
Fuhr,  Katie Clarinet Symphonic Winds
Fuhr,  Alex Trumpet Wind Symphony & Jazz
Gaitan,  James Bassoon Wind Symphony
Gooch,  Katie Trombone Symphonic Winds & Jazz
Gregg,  Megan Flute Freshman Band
Guard,  Ryan Trombone Jazz
Hach,  Samantha Flute Wind Symphony
Haug,  Andrew Horn Symphonic Winds & Jazz
Heintzman,  Ian Bari Sax Alternate
Henderson,  Nik Trombone Symphonic Winds
Higgins,  Julia Horn Wind Symphony & Jazz
Higgins,  Emma Bassoon Freshman Band
Iles,  Kerry Clarinet Wind Symphony
James,  Dylan Percussion Wind Symphony
Jolliffe,  Aaron Trombone Wind Symphony
Kestermann,  Halie Clarinet Freshman Band & Jazz
Klemen,  Danny Tenor Sax Symphonic Winds
Knight,  Ian Contra-Bass Clarinet Wind Symphony
Lemen,  Paige Tenor Sax Alternate
Lett,  Nathaniel Trumpet Jazz
Lipscomb,  Cora Clarinet Symphonic Winds
Littig,  Matthew Trumpet Wind Symphony
Loeb,  Adam Trumpet Wind Symphony
Loeb,  Kaeli Flute Freshman Band
Lohman,  jacqui Trumpet Freshman Band
Lower,  James Tuba Alternate
Maharg,  Danny Trombone Alternate
Maharg,  Amanda Clarinet Freshman Band
Manley,  Matthew Trumpet Alternate
Mazella,  Lauren Clarinet Symphonic Winds
McConaha,  Adam Trombone Wind Symphony
McNally,  Celine Clarinet Symphonic Winds
Mendez,  Cole Bari Sax Alternate
Messer,  Hannah Flute Freshman Band
Moak,  Paul Trumpet Freshman Band
Morgan,  Merrick Tenor Sax Wind Symphony
Nemets,  Bethany Flute Freshman Band
Nichols,  Brian Percussion Symphonic Winds & Jazz
Nichols,  Christopher Horn Wind Symphony
Omaits,  Josh Trombone Wind Symphony & Jazz
Park,  Alexis Clarinet Wind Symphony
Phillips,  Justin Horn Freshman Band
Pitaniello,  Christopher Percussion Freshman Band
Portugal,  Josef Clarinet Wind Symphony
Rice,  Kaylee Tuba Freshman Band
Ring,  Adam Trombone Freshman Band
Rugg,  Jay Alto Sax Symphonic Winds
Samuels,  Drake Trumpet Freshman Band
Stanforth,  Sabrina Clarinet Symphonic Winds
Stegeman,  Jacob Trombone Symphonic Winds & Jazz
Tremper,  Phoebe Clarinet Freshman Band
Vanden Eynden,  Caleb Horn Freshman Band
Villaver,  Lorraine Flute Alternate
Wagner,  Miranda Flute Freshman Band
Wallenhorst,  Brent Trumpet Symphonic Winds
Wandersee,  Samantha Bass Clarinet Alternate
Wiedwald,  Ryan Percussion Symphonic Winds
Williams,  Zach Bari Sax Wind Symphony & Jazz
Yost,  Naomi Horn Symphonic Winds