How to Advertise on this Site

The Lakota East Upbeat Club is offering companies the opportunity to advertise on its website. Support our Lakota East Bands while informing members of the community of your products and services.

The Upbeat Club does a large number of fund raisers each year such as Cool Jazz N Hotcakes, Split The Pot, Swing Dance, Mattress Sale, Flowers, Cookie Dough, Scrip cards, Kroger cards, and more. These fund raisers are needed to generate  money the club uses to support the activities of the bands. We encourage users to click on the ads of those who have advertised on the website. And to the companies advertising we want to say thank you for your support.


$100 / month during marching season – July – October

$50 / month the rest of the year – November – June

Discounts are available for long term purchases.


Ads are placed at the top of the page under the drop down menus. They will appear on ALL pages of the website.

Visitor Info

Used by students, faculty, staff, parents, friends, and extended family of those students.

1780+ unique visitors so far this month with over 22,000 page views. And we are just getting started.

Service Area

Lakota School District – Lakota East HS, Lakota East Freshman, Hopewell JHS, and Liberty JHS

Purpose of Funds

Supporting bands in all of the schools that feed into and including Lakota East HS. For more information, visit Upbeat Club and learn what it is we do.

Getting Started

Please read the LEUC Website Ad Contract (PDF) which has more details about our advertising program and information on how to sign up.

NOTE: This page shows ads as they will be for the next month. The rest of the website shows the current ads. If you have a problem or question, please email them to I will be happy to help you with your graphics, links, discuss site statistics, or any other questions you might have.