Fruit, Cheesecake and Cookie Dough Sale: October

General Information for 2013

  • Sale Starts October 8th
  • Order forms & money are DUE October 31, 2013 and can be turned in at school.
  • Pick-up date is Saturday, December 7th in the Senoir Cade from Noon-4pm.
  • Checks made payable to LEUC
  • The deadline for ordering fruit online is Sunday, November 10, 2013.  Click HERE to do so!
  • Cookie Dough CANNOT be ordered online!
  • Click HERE for cookie dough nutrition information.
  • Cookie Dough Flyer - A PDF of the cookie dough flyer and other sales items from Savory Foods

Please open PDF below for detailed information:

2013 Fruit, Cheesecake &Cookie Dough Flyer (pdf)



The help is needed for December 7th (Saturday).  Use this link to sign up to help:

Fruit and Cookie Dough deliveries have now been confirmed for Saturday 12/7 starting at 8 am.  We are in need of receiving and sorting volunteers starting at 8 am on December 7th and a second group of volunteers to help with the distribution starting at 12 noon on the 7th.  Please sign-up with the following link,


John Graska