About the Lakota East High School Bands Photography and Digital Media Video Site

Many band parents, students and families enjoy taking photos and videos of Lakota East Band events and concerts. Our band families have many excellent photographers, so to give these shutterbugs a place to display and share their photos and videos, the Lakota East Upbeat Club has developed a website powered by SmugMug, a photo sharing website. The Lakota East Upbeat Club Photography and Digital Media Video Committee maintains the site. Please contact Photography Chair at to learn how to upload your photos.

Photo Privacy Policy

As a Lakota East High School booster organization in support of the band program, the Lakota East Upbeat Club complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which prohibits the release of personal information and education records without parent permission. A student’s name, photo, video and grade level may be displayed on our website unless the band member’s parent or legal guardian has made a FERPA request to keep this information confidential. Requests can be made to the Lakota East Upbeat Club president at, or in writing to Lakota East Upbeat Club President, P.O. Box 1686, West Chester, OH, 45071-1686.