Private Lesson Instructors

Music lessons help build a strong foundation on any instrument and are the key to a lifelong love of music. Developing the ability to play an instrument also builds confidence and self-esteem, promotes good work ethic and enriches the music student’s academic experience. When a music student is able to work one-on-one with a professional musician through private lesson instruction, the private instructor is able to work more in-depth with the music student and the specific instrument. Benefits for the music student include developing a more professional tone on the instrument, mastering fundamentals of playing the instrument correctly, learning proper technique and establishing goals toward excelling on the instrument. When music students study privately, they improve as a musicians.

The information provided below is only as accurate as what has been submitted to the Lakota East Upbeat Club (LEUC) by the private lesson instructors. Information is provided as a service to students. LEUC and Lakota Local Schools do not endorse these teachers or make recommendations.  It is the music student’s family’s responsibility to evaluate a potential teacher to suit the student’s needs. Contact if you have instructors to add or delete from this list. Thank you!