The Lakota East Marching Thunderhawks

2018 Marching Band Commitment Form

Due: February 23, 2018

Welcome to another exciting year for the Marching Thunderhawks! Planning and preparations for the 2018 season are well underway and the mounting excitement for the direction of the band is incredible! Our show this year is being written for us RIGHT NOW, and we need to solidify our numbers so the visual and musical design team can complete our project by the start of our summer sessions.

Please understand the importance of this early commitment form and what it means for you as a participant and the marching band as a whole. Included with this commitment form is a non-refundable deposit of $75 made payable to Lakota East High School. The deposit will be the first installment for the fall marching band fee.

Our success is the sum of our parts, and we won’t attain success without all components in place. Our design team is composed of the most creative people in the marching band activity. The passion we have for what we produce starts now and we want everyone to be a part of the Thunderhawk tradition. Please look closely at the INFORMATION AND FORMS page and make sure you have your calendar set for the season!


Mission Statement

The Lakota East High School Marching Thunderhawks, comprised of nearly 200 musicians and color guard, has a full, rich sound and marches with rhythmic accuracy and energy during each performance. The Marching Thunderhawks band is not only one of Ohio’s finest marching ensembles, but is also one of the country’s elite marching band programs, consistently earning audience acclamation wherever the marching band appears.

The Lakota East Marching Thunderhawks established a tradition of excellence and showmanship, earning Superior ratings in every field competition and Superior ratings in the OMEA State Marching Band Finals since its beginning in 1997. The Marching Thunderhawks also compete in Music for All’s Bands of America competitions, placing in the top 10 finals in 2015.

Of equal importance are the musical and organizational skills of Band Director Robert Tanis and Assistant Band Director Kevin Engel.

The Lakota East High School Marching Thunderhawks travel to yearly half-time performances at high school football games, national and state field competitions and national parades and festivals. Past parade appearances include:

2014: Los Angeles, California: The Hollywood Christmas Parade

2011: Orlando, Florida: Universal Studio’s Macy’s Holiday Parade and Disney World Magic Kingdom Parade

2008: Hawaii: Waikiki Holiday Parade and USS Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor

General Information about Contests

Classifications for an OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) Contest are by school size:

Lakota East High School: Class AA: 901 (students) and above

Class A: 501–900 (students) | Class B: 301–500 (students) | Class C: 300 and fewer (students)

During an OMEA competition, adjudicators critique the band’s performance in the following areas:

Music: Assigned judges rate only the musical aspects of the group.

General Effect: Assigned judges rate the band on the entire show package including music, marching, auxiliary and percussion contribution.

Visual Performance and Visual Effect: Assigned judges rate the precision of the movement of the entire group and how the members move within the overall picture and development of form.

Percussion: Assigned judge, on the field, rates the percussion section and how it relates to the musical ensemble.

Field Commander: Assigned judge, on the field, rates the direction of the band by the field commander(s).

Auxiliary: Assigned judges rate the entire auxiliary unit including flags, rifles and dance line on the writing of the routine, the cleanliness of the work done by the group and their placement on the field.

 OMEA Marching Band Handbook | Bands of America Official Procedures & Adjudication Handbook