Marching Band Season 2016 Information & Forms

UPDATED 7/ 31/16

Marching Band Show 2016 Reveal PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

General Information:

  • The $150 initial deposit is past due. Make checks payable to “Lakota East High School”
    • Please make sure the band member’s name and student ID# are clearly marked on the check’s memo line.
  • If you did not turn in the deposit on May 4, please give it directly to Mr. Tanis or Mr. Engel ASAP!
  • Please refer to “Fees at a Glance” to make sure payments are made on time: 
    • Payment 1: $125 Wed., June 1
    • Payment 2: $125 Wed., July 6
    • Payment 3: $75 Wed., Aug. 3 (Completes $400 participation fee)
    • Payment 4: $175 Wed., Sept. 7 ( BOA St. Louis trip fee)

2016 Fees at a Glance (PDF)

2016 Marching Band Performance Schedule (PDF)

2016 Marching Band Schedule At A Glance (PDF)

2016 Marching Band Handbook (PDF)

2016 Band Camp Information Sheet (PDF)

St. Louis BOA Super Regional October 21 – 23

All medications including over the counter drugs are to be submitted to the school nurse along with District form 5330 no later that October 5, 2016. Please read the instruction document regarding the school district’s policy in terms of medication on field trips.

Medication Instructions (PDF)

Medication Permit  DISTRICT FORM 5330 (PDF)

BOA St. Louis Trip Information (PDF) 

Medical Forms:

Emergency Medical Authorization (EMA) Form

  • The above link takes you to a form that may be filled out online and then printed.
  • EVERY student MUST have an EMA on file!
  • This form is DUE immediately! 
  • This form MUST include a small photo with band member name on back.  Please attached it to the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of the form.

School Medication Permit

  • This form may be filled out online, but then MUST be printed, filled out and signed by a doctor.

School Medication Permit for EpiPen

  • This form only needs to be turned in if the student uses an EpiPen.
  • This form MUST be printed, filled out and signed by a doctor.

Chaperone Information:

Lakota East Bands Chaperone Guidelines

Lakota East Bands Chaperone Application Form